As we are a platform that enables manufacturers and suppliers to promote their products we take intellectual property rights very seriously. At all times we comply with intellectual property laws and practices so that we can continue to maintain the trust, experience and integrity of our global trade marketplace.

This intellectual policy provides an understanding of how we monitor and address all allegations of intellectual property infringements, the process for authorised and third parties to submit infringements notices regarding any content or products that are listed on our marketplace and how Bazaah sellers can appeal when their products or listings are given a notice of infringement.

Bazaah’s Role

Bazaah is an online marketplace to discover low volume suppliers, manufacturers and producers from around the world. This marketplace is populated by individual third party sellers (manufacturers and suppliers) who list their own products and are responsible for providing true information about their products, business profile, sales representative profiles, and complying with all relevant laws. Bazaah reserves the right to disable any product, profile, and user data that we deem to violate our Terms and Conditions, Intellectual Property Policy and Prohibited Products.

Bazaah is forbidden to communicate on behalf of intellectual property owners and is also not in a position to make legal determinations when a product or Bazaah user account is infringing upon a third parties intellectual property. When cited for intellectual property infringement, Bazaah will remove the product, listing, material and all associate data in question when provided with an official and proper notice.

Intellectual Property Infringement Notices

We take all notices of intellectual property infringements very seriously and when we receive and official and property notice of intellectual property infringement we immediately remove the infringing material or remove the listing that is being cited from our live marketplace. When we remove the infringing material or listing that is being cited we make thorough attempts to communicate with the Bazaah account who owns the listing or infringing material and provide a detailed explanation about the notice and reason for listing or material removal, and then allow for the Bazaah account owner to submit a counter notice or response in relation to the allegations of intellectual property infringement.

Bazaah requests that you use our dedicated intellectual property team via or to provide an intellectual property infringement notice and or claim. When contacting team please provide designated URL of infringing material or listing and a detailed report of why you deem this to be infringing on intellectual property rights of a third party. Additional information such as identity verification of the reporting party along with documentation supporting the claim is requested to be sent when contacting our intellectual property team.

Appeal and Counter Notice

Bazaah accepts counter notices for copyright infringements only at this period. When we received this DMCA based counter notice we will provide to the complaining party. At this point the removed material or listing may be replaced or restored within 14 days after the counter notice has been officially processed, unless copyright owner seeks to file a court order against the infringing party and informs Bazaah of this action.

Ongoing & Repeated Infringements

Bazaah reserves the right to in appropriate circumstance immediately terminate a registered seller’s ability to upload products that is subject to repeated intellectually property infringement notices. If the seller attempts to create a new account and upload products after initial account limitations are placed on being able to upload products, we reserve the right to refuse access to our services and any future activity on our marketplace.

Withdrawal of Notices

We will only accept withdrawals of infringement notices directly from the intellectual property owner or an authorised representative that submitted the initial notice/claim. The withdrawal notice must clearly explain that it is a formal withdrawal and provide detailed information about the listing or material that was originally cited for intellectual property infringement such as product url, profile name, and product name.

Once we receive this formal notice we then conduct thorough efforts to contact both parties involved to confirm receipt of the notice from party submitting the withdrawal and to notify the user effected by the withdrawal. Please note that all infringement cases are audited on a case by case basis and even after receiving a withdrawal notice we do not promise or guarantee that we will re-instate a users original account abilities.