Bazaah is a marketplace where you can discover, connect and negotiate with manufacturers and supplier from around the world who provide low volume production and purchasing for all industries and product types. May you be looking for a new t-shirt supplier for your fashion startup or need a manufacturing partner to produce steel bars for your construction company, Bazaah is your trusted marketplace to find these partners and we at all times want you to have a fulfilling, engaging, trusted and supportive experience. To learn about your rights as a buyer, and what our community at Bazaah expects of you, please read our Buyer Policy as per below.

Our Limitations as a Marketplace

Bazaah provides a marketplace for buyers to discover, connect and negotiate with manufacturers and supplier from around the world who provide low volume production and purchasing for all industries and product types. We are not involved in communication and connections that are created and advanced between buyers and sellers. By using Bazaah marketplace you understand and warrant that:

  1. You assume all responsibility for information and data provided to a seller;
  2. Each seller has unique abilities related but not limited to shipping methods, minimum order quantity, and product policies;
  3. Bazaah does not pre-screen sellers and therefore does not guarantee or endorse any profile information on Bazaah or products promoted on Bazaah marketplace or any content that is posted by sellers on Bazaah
  4. You are not connecting directly Bazaah, but with one of our highly valued manufacturing or supply sellers on Bazaah.

If at any time you deem a product, listing or profile to be sharing or promoting dangerous or malicious material you can notify us via

Member Messages and Communication

Direct Messages

You have the ability to use Bazaah’s messaging functionality (“Messages”) to communicate with sellers and seller sales representatives. Our message functionality is a powerful feature to gain more information about a product, seller and all associate information before further proceeding with your procurement and sourcing activities. We do however prohibit the use of our message feature for the following activities:

  1. Sending unsolicited advertisements, promotions, or any type of spam based communication
  2. Harassing, threatening, abusing or bullying another user which causes for immediate account termination
  3. Ongoing communication with a user after they have requested you to stop communicating with them
  4. Interfering or jeopardising a transaction that is occurring with another user
  5. Sharing graphic or pornographic images
  6. Sending malware or spyware

User Interference

User interference occurs when a user purposely interferes with another users product, profile, communication or materials in order to reduce or cease opportunities that they are actively pursuing at that current time or in to the future. We take this type of activity very seriously and regularly results in a user who is conducting interference to have their account data cleared from our servers and blacklist their registered email address. Some of the examples of user interference are as follows but not limited to:

  1. Messaging or contacting another member to warn them away from a specific user, product, business or contact
  2. Leaving negative reviews on a user profile or product without truly interacting or utilising their services or products
  3. Sharing Bazaah based url of a specific product or profile to online channels tagged with negative commentary

Abuse and Harassments

Using Bazaah message functionality to abuse, harass, threaten, and bully another member is a prohibited activity. If you have received a message that falls in to one of these four categories we request you contact Buzaah support on

Content Creation and Upload

As a buyer on Bazaah you are given the tools and features to upload a variety of content both on your profile and inside messages to other users. These types of content include but are not limited to text, videos, documentation, digital designs, and photos. So we can ensure the safety of all users on our marketplace you will agree to not upload content that falls under on of the following categories:

  1. Harassing, threatening, abusing or bullying;
  2. Obscene or vulgar;
  3. Deceptive and fraudulent;
  4. Violates intellectual property rights;
  5. Fraudulent in nature;
  6. Encourages illegal activities.

Interaction Between Users

Bazaah provides an online marketplace which facilitates interaction between buyers and sellers of products. Bazaah does not represent the seller or the buyer in communications and transactions. Buyers are cautioned that there may be a level of risk associated ing dealing with foreign sellers who can act under false pretences on our marketplace. Bazaah conducts regular audits of users and listed products, however Bazaah cannot and does not confirm each user purported identity and listed products true information is being shared on our marketplace.

Purchasing From Bazaah Seller

Bazaah does not take responsibility or accept any liability for purchases that a buyer makes, outside of our marketplace through a payment type of their choice, from a seller who was discovered through Bazaah marketplace. Bazaah does not provide any tools or features that enable purchasing on our platform and furthermore requests that all buyers exercise a high degree of caution and due diligence before purchasing. We suggest to conduct the following due diligence based activities before conducting a purchase from a seller you have discovered and connected with on Bazaah:

  1. Request copies of business registration certificates;
  2. Request copies of manufacturing based certificates;
  3. Request at minimum 3 online profiles that are based on sales representative or business you are buying from;
  4. Request a sample of the product you will be purchasing.

The above four points is not legally bound advice, but more so support in the types of information and questions that should be asked of a buyer.

Cancelling User Account

At any time you can cancel and delete your Bazaah user account from your user dashboard. When you conduct this activity all data which is associated with your account will be deleted in full and no longer held on our Bazaah servers. No backup of data is held so we ask that buyers understand the serious nature of deleting an account as we act on this request swiftly and there will be no way to reverse the decision where in most cases account deletion will occur within 24 hours after request.